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Meet Eva, your in-meeting AI assistant.

Eva is an in-meeting AI assistant. Eva will take notes for you in meetings you attend. Running late, double booked, had to leave early? Don’t miss out - Eva can take notes for you there too! Eva will listen and pull out important moments - we call these Predictive Highlights. If you want to mark something yourself, just say, "Okay Eva, Action Item" or tap in the app. With Eva in your meetings, they become activated. Voicera doesn’t own your meeting data. It’s your meeting, your data, not ours.

  • “It’s only human to forget to take notes. That’s why I invite Eva.”
    Raphael Tremblay, Vice President of Sales, TableUp

Automated A.I. notes.

Be more present in your meetings.

Never miss an action item or decision.

Don’t miss out if you weren’t there.

Share and follow up faster.

Get Eva into any meeting.

Add eva@voicera.com to a calendar invite for conference calls
. Use the mobile app for an in-person meeting and Eva is there.

Eva works for all types of meetings

Works with providers, including: