Let Eva Take Notes For You.

Voicera has created Eva, your very own in-meeting A.I. to take notes. Eva dials in, records the conversation and takes notes. After the meeting you get a recording, transcription, and highlighted notes that you can edit and share.

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Eva, your in-meeting A.I. Assistant

Eva is an A.I. assistant who makes it easier for you to take notes and follow up on a meeting. Let Eva record the conversation and take the notes for you while you focus on the conversation and follow up. After the meeting, activate the content quickly and efficiently.

Simply add "eva@voicera.com" to any meeting invite and Eva will dial in, announce itself and start taking notes. You highlight moments by using LiveTap in the web platform or rely on Eva to do all the note-taking for you. After your meeting, get a recap email with highlights and analytics as well as a link to view and edit the highlights of your meeting. You also get a full recording and transcript of the meeting and all of this can be shared via email, pushed to Slack or connected into Salesforce. With Voicera your meetings become Activated!

Works with providers, including:

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Eva: your in-meeting assistant