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Welcome Business of Bots attendee. Meet Voicera.

You're coming from a conference dedicated to discussions around bots and virtual assistants and we want to give you the chance to try ours! Meet Eva, your in-meeting AI assistant. With Eva you can focus on the conversation while notes are automatically taken. After your meeting, Eva will send you a post-meeting email which you can share with others. That should simplify things for you!

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Voicera activates your meetings with Eva.

Eva is an in-meeting AI-based assistant that listens to the conversation, takes notes and helps organize meeting follow up so you can focus on the topic at hand.

Eva listens to your meeting, records the conversation and provides a full transcript along with marked "highlights" that refer to action items, decisions, follow-ups and special notes. You can mark moments with LiveTap in the dashboard or voice commands like, "Okay Eva". If you do nothing, Eva will proactively mark highlights for you to review later. You can put down your pen and paper, focus on the people in the room, and Eva will deliver the meeting notes in a recap after the meeting.

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