Virtual assistant tools for meetings and conference calls

Eva is ideal for conference calls.

Eva helps capture the most important moments from your meeting while also giving you a fully searchable record of the call. You’ll never miss a detail and you can share the important moments with collaborators who couldn’t attend.

Conference Call? Eva's got it.

  • Internal team meetings
  • External customer meetings
  • Any call with a conference dial-in

How it works:

  • Add Eva to the invite manually or automatically
  • Put down your pen and paper
  • Eva will mark the important moments through A.I.
  • You capture via LiveTap or “Okay Eva Action Item”
  • Type comments instead of writing them down

Why invite Eva to your call?

  • Never have to say, “Can you repeat that”?
  • Retain a searchable record of the conversation.
  • Easily share actions and decisions.

Eva works for all types of meetings