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Eva turns your meetings into actions

Be more present, responsive and accurate with Eva in your meetings.

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Eva Powered Meetings

Add an AI-based in-meeting assistant so you can focus on the content of the meeting rather than taking notes. Eva uses voice recognition technology to take notes and ensures accountability and actions from every meeting.


Before Your Meeting

Add Eva to the invite and Eva will dial in and join the call. You can manage whether Eva emails the attendees in advance to remind them of the meeting and whether Eva announces when it joins the call.

During Your Meeting

Let Eva take the notes. You go about your business and Eva will listen and predict what are the important moments. You can also use voice commands or tap in the app to ensure everything gets highlighted.

After Your Meeting

Afterwards, Eva will send you an email that has the notes from your meeting and access to the platform where you can edit and share them with others. Activate your meeting and ensure proper follow-up.

Get Eva into any meeting

Add to a calendar invite for conference calls
Use the mobile app for an in-person meeting and Eva is there.

Predictive Highlights

Eva listens and takes notes for you. Eva knows what are important items and if you want to guarantee Eva captures something, use the voice command “Okay Eva Action Item” and Eva will always take the note.

Never miss a meeting

Are you booked in too many meetings? Simply add to a meeting you can’t make and Eva will go, takes notes and email you the recap. You can then check out the notes, listen in or quickly read the transcript to see what you would have “missed”.

Eva works for all types of meetings

Works with providers, including: