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Make BlueJeans Meetings Actionable

Eva by Voicera is an intelligent, interactive meeting AI. Invite Eva to your next BlueJeans meeting and put down your pen and paper. Eva takes notes and highlights action items allowing you the opportunity to look up and engage with the people in your meeting. Eva provides fully searchable transcripts making your meeting more actionable and productive. Use Eva and the Voicera platform to maximize your meetings with clear action items, notes of important decisions and highlight key moments that can be shared with the rest of the team.

With BlueJeans you can:

  • Let Eva take notes for you
  • Receive a summary email after the meeting is over with all your Action Items transcribed
  • Search a transcribed meeting, listen to snippets, uncover key moments, and share content
  • integration screenshot Invite Eva to your next BlueJeans meeting. She'll take notes and highlight action items so you don't have to.

How it works:

  1. Sign up using your BlueJeans log in
  2. Invite to your next meeting
  3. Use the interactive voice commands
Have more questions about this integration? Visit the Help Docs.
  • Image Use your BlueJeans account to invite Eva to your next meeting. She'll connect what happens in your meeting to the rest of your workday. Plus, Eva provides full meeting notes that are easily stored, shared and searchable.