Meet Eva, the In-Meeting AI that connects to Salesforce


Auto-populate your meeting intel into Salesforce.

Eva by Voicera is voice-activated in-meeting AI. Eva activates the voice of the customer directly into Salesforce, making meetings searchable, actionable, and more productive. You can use Eva and the Voicera platform to maximize your meetings with clear action items, notes of important decisions, and highlighted key moments that can be migrated into your instance of Salesforce. In this way you can bring the customer directly to everyone who needs to be involved in the follow up from a meeting.

With this integration you can:

  • Directly push all identified action items and highlights into Salesforce
  • Share the voice of the customer with people who were or weren't in the meeting
  • Easily create new Salesforce records following new customer meetings
How it works:
  1. Create a new account with Voicera
  2. Invite to your next meeting
  3. Use the interactive voice commands
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