Meet Eva, the In-Meeting AI that connects to Slack


Deliver all your meeting information to Slack.

Eva by Voicera is an intelligent, interactive meeting AI that adds searchable, actionable, and more productive content directly from your meetings into Slack. You can ask Eva to follow up on action items, take note of important decisions, and with the push of a button deliver all that information directly into Slack.

With this integration you can:

  • Easily share action items, key decisions and meeting highlights into a Slack channel.
  • Clearly convey the voice of your customer to people who may not have attended the meeting.
  • Ensure accurate, efficient feedback from your meetings are activated in your organization.
How it works:
  1. Login to your Voicera account and connect it with Slack.
  2. Click the "Share to Slack" feature.
  3. Ensure collaboration with others on your team
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