Meet Eva, the In-Meeting AI that connects to Slack

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Deliver all your meeting information to Slack.

Eva by Voicera is an intelligent, interactive meeting AI. Put down your pen and paper as Eva will take notes and highlight action items allowing you the opportunity to look up and engage with the people in your meeting. You can mark moments to be captured in a dashboard, or highlight moments with voice commands like, “Okay Eva”. After the meeting you get highlights, a recording and full transcript of the meeting that can be searched and shared. Review the notes and push directly into Slack for follow-up. Activate your meeting into the rest of your team collaboration!

With the Slack integration you can:

  • Easily share action items, key decisions and meeting highlights into a Slack channel.
  • Clearly convey the voice of your customer to people who may not have attended the meeting.
  • Ensure accurate, efficient feedback from your meetings are activated in your organization.
  • integration screenshot Invite Eva to your next meeting. She'll take notes and highlight action items so you don't have to. Easily push meeting notes into an individual or group Slack channel.
  • integration screenshot Push meeting highlights to an individual or group Slack channel making follow up and group collaboration that much easier.

How it Works:

  1. Login to your Voicera account and connect it with Slack.
  2. Click the "Share to Slack" feature.
  3. Ensure collaboration with others on your team.
Have more questions about this integration? Visit the Help Docs.
  • Image Eva's integration into Slack makes it easy for you to share key meeting highlights and track follow up in a collaborative wave.