Person to Person Calls

Eva works for person to person calls.

Add Eva as a merged line or second call via your mobile phone and you can make sure action items are highlighted and both parties have clear next steps. Don’t forget to do your personal Debrief after the call and note your key takeaways from the call.

Voicera is great for:

  • Person-to-person calls
  • 1-on-1 meetings over the phone

How it works:

  • Direct dial Eva and merge Eva to your call
  • Eva will mark the important moments through A.I.
  • You can also mark highlights with “Okay Eva Action Item”
  • Share the highlights with anyone - via email or any number of collaboration tools you already use like Salesforce & Slack.

Why invite Eva to your call?

  • Eva allows you to be more focused on the call.
  • Key moments and actions are captured - effortlessly.
  • Get searchable records for any conversation.

Eva works for all types of meetings