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Frequently Asked Questions About Voicera and Eva

How does the Premium trial work?

Eva's just waiting for you to try it out. You have full access to all the Premium features of Voicera for 30 days. After 30 days you will need to provide a credit card to continue using the Premium features. If you do nothing, we will automatically move you over to the Free plan.

What is the difference between Free, Standard, Pro and Premium?

Premium = Best for the person who plans to leverage full transcripts of their meetings and requires transcripts that have been passed through an additional layer of error correction. Pro = Best for the person who spends most of their day in meetings and wants a simpler, easier way to review meeting highlights and organize their follow up and coordinate with their team. Standard = Best for the person who is really only in a few meetings each week and would like to be more organized coming out of them, coordinating follow up with others. Free = A great way to check out what the Voicera tool does, and still maintain access to your old meetings. You will likely want to upgrade so you can have Eva join meetings more than 25 minutes.

How do I get Eva into a meeting?

All you have to do is one of two things. First, invite “eva@voicera.com” to any calendar invite where there is a dial in, and Eva will find it, call in and announce itself at the beginning of the call so everyone knows the AI will be present. Second, download the Voicera app (available for iOS and Android) and open the app to have Eva join you in person, without a dial in.

Where is my meeting stored?

Voicera stores your meeting in an encrypted, secure cloud environment. No one has access to your meeting except for you and the people you met with, or people you add as collaborators. If at anytime you want to download your meeting recording, or the transcription, you can easily do so. You can also delete the meeting from our system at any time. Note that deleting the meeting means that none of your meeting attendees or collaborators will have access to the meeting ever again, either.

Can I store my meetings locally?

Voicera is currently working on additional enterprise and team functionality that will allow you to store your meetings locally, as well as provide additional features. Please keep an eye out for these updates in the coming weeks. If you would like to learn more, please reach out to us at support@voicera.com.

What does Voicera do with the information in my meeting?

Voicera does not own your meeting data, it belongs to you as the meeting host. We process a meeting on your behalf just like an email provider would process an email your behalf. Voicera is not an advertising-driven platform - we are a product that offers value in exchange for a monthly fee. Even if you choose to utilize the free version of Voicera, we do not monetize your data or your meeting information in any way. The free version is there because we believe that when we show you enough value you will upgrade to a paid version, which is how we make money.

If I purchase now, can I cancel later?

If you would like to purchase Voicera on a month to month basis, you can always start there. If you find the value in having Eva in your meetings (we think you will) then you can always upgrade to an annual plan.