hearing the customers

Can You Hear The Voice Of Your Customer?

Enable your team with 100% focus in customer meetings & 100% accurately updated Salesforce.

Listen, Share and Get The Deal Done Faster.

Your sales teams spend a lot of time with customers, but meetings are plentiful and they're not always the most productive part of the day. It can be hard to keep the details straight, plus organizing the post-meeting follow up can be overwhelming. So many people are required to "activate" the voice of the customer and get a deal done. Oh - and your team never has time to update Salesforce accurately. How can you manage the whole end-to-end process?

Voicera provides your team with Eva, the Enterprise Voice AI.  Eva takes notes in your meetings and those notes can be shared automatically via email and also into Salesforce.  With Eva in the meetings your team can focus on the customer and know that all details will be captured, all important actions highlighted and the notes can be immediately shared with the people required to push the deal ahead.  Empower your team to be focused on the customer, ensure you know what is going on and enable your team to be productive even when they can't bring the team to every meeting. Help them bring the meeting to the entire team!

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