Voicera values your privacy.

We will not use or sell your information for 3rd party advertising.

Your meetings are yours. The information discussed is yours. The voice data is yours. Voicera does not make use of your private, personal information and your meeting data is encrypted, only available to you and the people you permission to have access.

Voicera does not own your meeting data, it belongs to you as the meeting host. Basically, we are data processors. Our rights are specifically there for us to process your data and provide the service advertised. We process a meeting on your behalf just like an email provider would process an email on your behalf. Voicera is not an advertising-driven platform – we are a service that offers value in exchange for a monthly fee. Even if you choose to utilize the free version of Voicera, we do not monetize your data or your meeting information in any way. The free version is there because we believe that when we show you enough value you will upgrade to a paid version, which is how we make money.

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